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Global Warming Fears Wane in the United States

Fears regarding global warming has waned among Americans. They no longer view it as much of a problem as they did three years ago.

In July 2006, 50% of Americans thought climate change was due to human activity and another 23% felt that it was due to natural patterns.

Now, 36% of people think it is due to human activity and 16% to natural patterns.

Those stating that the Earth is not getting warmer has doubled from 17% to 33% during that time span. It is a "myth" says one vocal protestor.

There has yet to be conclusive evidence up until this point that global warming is caused by man yet it is something that is commonly believed by many scientist. Despite claims by Al Gore that there is a consensus that global warming is man-made, there are still many scientists in opposition.

Most notable of all opposing scientists is Richard Lindzen of MIT that stated "warming has not been increasing and has not even been present for 13 years". Released by the Geophyiscal Research Letters published August 26, 2009, Lindzen found that the effect of CO2 on climate change is appreciably less than previously thought -- debunking claims that CO2 causes global warming. [PDF]


consequences of global warmingConsequences of Global Warming

Global warming is the biggest environmental concern facing the world today.

I created this website out of necessity and here's why:

  1. The public believes that there is still debate as to whether or not global warming is man-made. That is wholly and utterly false. The scientific community has not only come to a consensus on the fact that global warming is man-made but that we need to act fast. To prove this, I have compiled research documents from the Top 100 Universities and Colleges from around the United States to substantiate my claims.
  2. The public has still not yet acknowledged the fact that we need to act swiftly to address the environmental concerns of the day. For that reason, we've compiled lists of global warming consequences taken from news stories and research journals by US states along the coast as well as by country.

Obama has yet to take oath of office for Presidency of the United States but has still vowed to address Global Warming. His opponents have already started to attack him saying that anything he attempts to do to address global climate change will have a negative impact on business.

I am a businessman and matters of the economy affect me greatly BUT I am not so selfish as to think that my pocketbook is more important than the Earth. As Al Gore clearly pointed out in his video, what would you rather choose: a bunch of gold bars or the Earth?

For a good introduction of global warming, please consult David Terr's article entitled "The Harsh Reality of Global Warming".

consequences of global warming



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